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45 - 55 minutes  ✧  $180 AUD

Have you ever travelled somewhere in the world and felt right at home, or felt you thrived more than you ever had? Have you been to a place that you had a really hard time and couldn’t quite pinpoint way you struggled there?

At the time you were born, the planets had influences on different places all around the world. Some are really support, light and joyful, while others can help us learn the lesson and some quite challenging which can lead to big growth opportunities.


In this session Clare will take you on an adventure through your very own personal world map and here you will discover the places around the world that will most likely benefit you
or where you may want to take more caution.

This is wonderful session if you’re looking to travel and want to know the energies that may come up for you will you’re there or if you’re looking to relocate. This session is also magical if you are looking to shift energies in your current city by discovering and bringing positive energies of influential places around the world into your everyday life and how you can do this without even travelling there!

Appointments can be made for either online via zoom or in-person in Paddington, Sydney

Please note all Monday appointments are via zoom only.

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