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Intuitive Mentoring Course

6 x 60 minute sessions

$1200 AUD

Payment Plans Available

Rock Maze

The Intuitive Mentoring Course can take place in person in Paddington, Sydney or via Zoom.

During a series of 6 sessions of 60 minutes in duration each, you can gain guidance, support and a deeper understanding of your path and life as it is currently presenting itself. By committing to coaching across a set number of sessions you will be providing yourself with a safe space to delve into parts of your life where you need holding, healing and direction.


Sessions are intuitively led with guidance given on your own unique areas where blockages, patters and misunderstandings may be residing. You will have input on how to use your session, with the option of experiencing any other service in your course (healing, meditation, energy cleansing) Allowing yourself to be guided as well as actively participating your own development; you can begin to peel back the layers that you built to protect yourself to reveal a clearer, happier and more authentic path.  


Each coaching session will be recorded for you to keep to help deepen your own understanding practice between sessions and beyond.


The package includes 6 mentoring sessions (60 minutes each) for you to book in and use over a 6 month period.

Apply for the Intuitive Mentoring Course:


Thank you for your booking enquiry.

Kirsten will be in touch to confirm acceptance into your personalised course. 

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