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Meditation Master Course

6 x 60 minute sessions

$1200 AUD

Payment Plans Available

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Master the art of meditation by learning to use your energetic body in a transcendental state, to be led by your guides to deeper knowledge and awareness. Learning to meditate using energy and insight is a lifelong tool you can draw upon and deepen forever. This is a personal course, individually tailored to you. 


You will learn:

- to balance your own energetic body (chakras)

- meet with and sit with your own guides

- the art of soul conversations

- receiving and sending spiritual healing


Each meditation session will be recorded for you to keep to help deepen your own practice between sessions and beyond.


The package includes 6 meditation sessions (60 minutes each) for you to book in and use over a 6 month period.

The Meditation Course can take place in person in Paddington, Sydney or via Zoom.

Apply for the Meditation Master Course:


Thank you for your booking enquiry.Kirsten will be in touch to confirm your acceptance into the personalised course. 

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