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This 6 week course will introduce you to the wisdom of the Tarot deck and help you to discover the meanings and archetypes behind the cards and the journey that unfolds throughout the deck.


You will learn the traditional meanings behind each card, focusing primarily on the archetypal energies so that they become digestible for your everyday life, and you can start to incorporate them into your world.


You will also learn techniques and spreads so that you can do a reading for yourself or someone else! This course will be based on using the traditional Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, which is the most foundational tarot deck in the Western world. After learning this one, you will be able to use any other tarot deck.


*Please note that this is an introductory Tarot Card Reading Course and is not intended to educate you to be a professional reader.


Upon purchasing this course, you will be emailed a booklet with all the necessary information.


Learn Tarot Course

  • The course will be held via Zoom each Tuesday evening from the 21st of May - the 25th June, 2024

    7.30 pm - 9.30 pm (AEDT)

    Via Zoom link

    This course is an introduction to the Tarot deck and how to interpret its cards in everyday life. 

    The course will contain a lot of information over six weeks. Please have a notebook and pen so that you can write everything down. This will become your personal Tarot resource, which you can refer back to at any time. 

    You will need your own Rider, Waite, and Smith Tarot Deck; this is a requirement as this is the reference deck we are using, and you will need it for your homework. 

    All sessions will be held over Zoom and will not be recorded as this will be conversational and interactive.

    Course outline

    Week 1:  21 May

    • Introduction to Tarot and its origins
    • How Tarot can be used for everyday situations in modern times
    • Understanding how the Tarot deck is set out and the difference between the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana
    • Diving into the first half of the Major Arana
    • Homework and Q&A

    Week 2:  28 May

    • Homework share
    • Learning the 2nd Half Major Arcana 
    • Introduction to card spreads
    • Homework and Q&A

    Week 3: 4 June

    • Homework share
    • Diving into the Minor Arcana
    • Looking at bringing in your intuition to the card meanings/spreads
    • Homework and Q&A

    Week 4: 11 June

    • Homework share
    • Minor Arcana Continuation
    • Learning a more in-depth card spread
    • Homework and Q&A

    Week 5: 18 June

    • Homework share
    • Minor Arcana Continuation
    • Learning a more in-depth card spread
    • Homework and Q&A

    Week 6: 25 June

    • Homework share
    • Finalizing the Minor Arcana
    • Last Q&A
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