When we work with the flow, energy, essence and spirt of the moon we are activating a powerful source of cyclical healing, growth, nurturing and focus. When working with luna cycles we become more connected to the earth, more connected to ourselves and more connected to what our inner world is asking us to make manifest in our lives. Being one of the most ancient spiritual practices, the ebbing and flowing with the cycles of the moon, is not only nourishing, grounding and balancing; but it also holds the potential for life changing occurrences.


This 15-minute New Moon Guided Meditation will help you centre and ground into yourself. You will be guided to feel the support of your heart and soul as well as the universal support available to us at all times. By meditating on the New Moon you will be more able to truly anchor into your intentions and be guided to being them to fruition.

New Moon Meditation

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