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Meet natalie

money mentor


I believe that when you choose to step up and take responsibility for your money and pair it with a wealth consciousness practice, not only do you reclaim your true personal power but you also get to experience your greater purpose and true prosperity. The better the skills, knowledge and awareness you have about money and yourself, the better choices you can make to create financial freedom and a deeper, richer and more fulfilled life. 


I work with individuals who are ready to connect to their innate power, ditch their money fears and finally feel empowered about their finances. 


I'm a qualified accountant and certified wellbeing coach with over 16 years combined experience as an accountant CPA, owner of a successful health and wellbeing studio and money and business mentor. 


I’m so excited to connect with you and support you on your money transformation journey so you can become a wealth builder and create your dream life. A life where you get to stay true to yourself and be well paid, without surrendering your authenticity or sacrificing your values. 

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