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Are you ready to take your life and abundance to a new level?
Are you ready to really utilise the power of La Luna?

Are you ready to live and work in harmony and flow?

Join the Moon Membership and you will have access to everything you need to harness your La Luna power.

Each month, basic members will receive a guided meditation and audio guidance for each new and full moon.

Premium members will receive the guided meditation and audio guidance for each new and full moon, plus an additional workbook with journal prompts and spiritual video tutorial.

Membership Benefits 

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Moon Energy Readings
Twice each month, before each Full and New Moon I will guide you through a Moon Reading Every month. Recorded and sent straight to your inbox; this in-depth energy reading will walk you through the energy of each Full and New Moon, enlightening you to the cosmic energy at play and help guide you to work with them in order to enhance your moon rituals, intentions setting and releasing. 
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New and Full Moon Journal Prompts
These journal prompts will help you reflect, reevaluate and review what it is you are working to heal, clear and manifest. This will allow you to be more focused and aligned as you use the moon's essence to support you to move forward and make your dreams a reality. 
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New and Full Moon Affirmations
These affirmations will help you conjure up a positive approach to your healing, clearing and manifesting. They will help you overcome doubt, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you hostage and separate from your dreams. We will use these affirmations to call forth what is best for us, to motivate ourselves and boost our energetic offering to the world.
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Moon Meditations
Twice each month, you will receive a lush guided meditation for the New and the Full Moon. The meditation will soothe and guide you to the deepest part of yourself so that the energy of the moon can work its magic where it is most needed. You can use the meditation as a stand-alone experience or as part of your New and Full Moon Ritual. Each meditation is recorded for the New and Full Moon each month in order to address and harness the energy of that particular moon.
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New and Full Moon Invocations
Invocations are powerful was of aligning our mind, body and soul with the abundant energy of the universe to call in help and support through stating what it is we allow. These invocations are written for the unique energy of each New and Full Moon so that we truly harness can channel its power!
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Moon Phase Updates
You will be kept to date with the Moons movements through each cycle and what energy is swirling and impacting our days. Knowing this will help explain the energy you may be feeling and remind you of the ways which to best support yourself at the time. This will all lead to your focused manifestations, personal alignment and deeper knowledge of yourself as a child of this magnificent universe. 
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Moon Membership Community
The Moon Membership community is a space where you can feel safe to share your experiences, ask questions and connect with like-minded humans.
  • Moon Member Basic

    Every month
    Audio guidance and meditation for each full and new moon
     30 day free trial
    • New Moon Guidance & Meditation
    • Full Moon Guidance & Meditation
  • Membership Premium

    Every month
    New and full moon meditations & guidance + workbook & video
     30 day free trial
    • New Moon Guidance & Meditation
    • Full Moon Guidance & Meditation
    • New Moon Workbook with Journal Prompts
    • Full Moon Workbook with Journal Prompts
    • New Moon Spiritual Video Tutorial
    • Full Moon Spiritual Video Tutorial
Moon Memb Subscription

I can't wait to dive deep into the mystic power of La Luna with you...

Do you have any questions?
These frequently asked questions may help.
How much is the Moon Membership?
The membership is just $10AUD each month for the basic subscription or $16AUD for the premium subscription.
Do I get access straight away?
You will receive access to the Moon Portal as soon as your membership is processed.
What happens if I need to cancel?
You can cancel your membership at any time, as soon as your cancellation is processed your membership access will be removed.
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