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White Plants

Meet Kirsten

intuitive readings  ✧  guidance  ✧  healing  ✧  past lives  ✧  chakra balancing  ✧  mentoring 


I believe we all deserve to be held in loving compassion, always, but especially as we unravel, untangle, shed skin, surrender and rise again. Returning to our truth is not always an easy path, but it is a profoundly beautiful one.

I work with people who are ready to open themselves to the infinite wisdom and transformative power of Spirit energy. 


I offer psychic medium readings, intuitive coaching, energetic healing, personalised guided meditations and past life regressions. All of these services are available both in person and online. The information I receive during a recorded reading comes through exactly as if you were present; the knowing of Spirit transcending our human understanding of time.

I also strongly advocate for personal empowerment, truly believing that we are our best teachers and guides. In alignment with this, I offer self-paced courses and the Moon Membership to help facilitate a framework for you to empower and educate yourself on your authenticity, blocks and potential.  


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