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Embodying the true essence of your values will be your key to living an authentic life. 

Each time we stop to dive deep into our values and commit to them fully, we are fine-tuning our vibrational set point and honouring our authenticity. Authenticity is critical.


When we show up in our lives for ourselves and those around us as our true authentic selves, we can flourish. We will be matched with resonance when we embrace our values and live them with integrity and unapologetically. By our authentic vibrational set point, we are showing the world how to interact with us, what our standards are and what our lives are truly about.


This can only ever happen when we are in alignment with our values.


Through the Values Pathway, you will become the master creator of your life.

You will be walked through the process of understanding the Values that are currently driving your life and be equipped to reestablish your values to reflect not only who you choose to be now - but who you wish to evolve into. By doing this work you will begin to live in authenticity.


When this happens, the path forward becomes clearer, and more directional and you become more effective in all aspects of your life.


Use this pathway when you are:

  • Needing direction 

  • Reevaluating your direction

  • Open to embodying your authenticity

  • Ready to align with new desires 

  • Wanting  to step up into the next level of your life

Ultimately, living a values-driven life is about knowing your ‘why’.

It’s about understanding the intention behind the decisions that you’re making and staying in integrity with those why’s.  


We are always aligning with our most predominant and strongest vibration. Knowing our values, living them out and being accountable to them will help ensure our vibrational set point, the wave of our resonance, that will be matched by the experience we are having.


Each time we stop to dive deep into our values and commit to them fully, we are fine-tuning our vibrational set point and honouring our authenticity.


Knowing and embodying your values will be the most precious gift – the gift of embodying your authentic self. 


If you are ready to live your life in a way that is true to you, built on a solid foundation of who you are in your highest potential, that will allow you to create a life you absolutely love - then this Values Pathway was designed for you.

Imagine Knowing...

  • Who you are


  • What you want, and


  • Where you are headed

Imagine Feeling...

  • Confident in yourself


  • Clear about who you are, and


  • Courageous to live a life that is true to you

Imagine BEING...

  • Authentic


  • Assured, and


  • Absolute; in all aspects of your life


In the Values Pathway, you will be walked through the process of identifying and defining your Values.

We will begin by Reflecting on the values currently driving your life. Through deep reflection and radical honesty, you will be able to see that you are already living a Values-driven life - often without even knowing the values driving it. We will see here that our Values are not often intentionally chosen by us - but rather for us. This is where we begin to change that trajectory.

Next, we will Explore the most desired version of ourselves. By studying this version of yourself, you will be able to see what you value and desire; whilst at the same time, you will begin to work with your subconscious and brain chemistry to align with this version of yourself.

Then the fun part - Igniting a values-driven life determined by us from your higher elves. When you identify your core values, you will begin to understand, identify and establish your vibrational set point. This vibrational set point becomes the living, breathing essence of you who are. It will become your mission statement, description and anchor point for how you live your life. 

Finally, we will Embody this new reality, this new vibrational set point, by writing and committing to a mission-style type statement for each of the values you have identified above. This mission statement will encapsulate what each value means to you at this time in your life and how you are committed to living it.




Reflection provides us with an opportunity to be authentically intimate with ourselves. Through reflection, we can see where we currently are and the path that has led to this point.



When we tap into the power of our subconscious, we are tapping into the majority of our personal field of power. We are, at any moment, powerful enough to shift and change our life.



Once we have reflected and explored the potential of the subconscious and redesigned a new blueprint, it is essential to integrate what we have learned into our lived experience. 



Once we have tapped into our desires and felt our potential to achieve them, we can embody the reality of our work. Ultimately this is about taking actions that you now feel more aligned to.



Kirsten Leo

I’m Kirsten - an intuitive mentor, energetic healer and lover of all things potential. I believe that we are all here to be far more than we could ever imagine. We are here to evolve, to learn and to have a great time whilst doing so.


Having intensely and intentionally worked on myself - a process that I still do every day - I know the impact that defining and living my authentic Values has on my life.


I believe wholeheartedly it is the key to my success. Knowing my Values, living them and allowing them to lead me has been the sing most impactful aspect of allowing me to live in my full authenticity and my go-to approach when I am ready to up level my life, relationships and business.


By working through my signature Process in the Values Pathway, you will be accessing my signature process to identify and embody your Values in a way that will allow you to be clear and confident when up-levelling your life as well.

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Once you enter the Values pathway you will have access to all the modules and resources for three months.


Once you enter into the Values Pathway you will be supported every step of the way.


The Values Pathway follows The Light Path Collective’s signature Process - a four-module program to walk you through the journey of establishing a Values-driven life. You will find video tutorials, audio guides and specific tasks to complete. You will, as a Values Pathway participant have access to a one-on-one coaching session with Kirsten at a special discounted rate. The Pathway is designed for you to walk through at your own pace, making it uniquely you. Once you enter the Values pathway you will have access to all the modules and resources for three months. Dedicating this time to your evolving is going to be impactful in more ways than you can imagine - I cannot wait to hear about your progress and experience of walking the path of Values. 

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