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Meet Clare

intuitive tarot readings  ✧  archetypal astrology   ✧  astrogeography


My love of Tarot and Astrology was born of the need for direction and clarity. My first tarot and astrology readings guided me to uncover so much more about myself and helped me realise I was worthy of all I hoped and wished for. I felt truly seen. These life changing experiences lit the flame of my passion for me to learn and share these incredible tools with people. 


Astrogeography uses your birth map to guide you to different places around the world that you can either learn the lessons or thrive and shine on. Tarot is the process of using the deck of cards and Astrology uses your birth chart to answer questions, gain clarity and ultimately be guided through our paths so that we may live in our greatest light.

I read for those who are ready and open to discover themselves and their highest potential. Using tarot cards, or your birth chart, along with my intuitive gifts; my intention is always to help you navigate your path so that you may walk it with confidence and grace. Finding this way to channel and distil the messages of your guides is my greatest joy and I look forward to walking with you through this experience.


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