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What a weird and wonderful thing it is to see a dream you once had become a reality. There have been many versions of this dream, but the essence was always the same – bringing together special individuals to provide their sacred gifts and services for those who need them in an easily accessible way.


But as with any dream, once committed to the adventures it takes you on, they are far more enchanting than the vision itself.


Through many iterations, trial and error, and surrender to constant evolution, The Light Path Collective is what it is today and will be what it calls for us to make it tomorrow. 


You are here because you're amazing at what you do and bring authenticity, groundedness and a drive for connection with it.


On the one hand, this is a business – it has to be. There will be data to analyse, work to be done, marketing to create and procedures to follow.


On the other hand, we are a collective. A collective of individuals willing to make the world a little lighter and brighter for anyone who ventures our way.


One little but vital request I have is that at the core of everything you do as part of The Light Path Collective (TLPC), keep this intention at the centre: we are here to serve, hold, educate and inspire. The rest will flow from there outwards and back tenfold. 


Thank you for being here, offering the best of yourself and creating something so special, needed, and rewarding for us all.

Kirsten ~x~


we are on a mission

As the name suggests - we are focused on bringing as much light and lightness to the paths we are all individually and collectively walking.


The Light Path Collective is a connection-driven organisation dedicated to promoting personal and collective growth, healing, education and transformation through a wide variety of avenues. Connection begins by helping people foster the connection they have with themselves and, in turn, enhancing the connections they make with others. 

At The Light Path Collective, we are dedicated to fostering positive transformation and personal growth. Through our commitment to service, empowerment, education, and inspiration, we aim to illuminate the paths of individuals, guiding them towards a brighter and more fulfilling future.



At the core of anything we do at TLPC, the value of service drives our actions and decisions. We believe in positively impacting the lives of others and the community at large. Service is not just a task; it's an intention that we embody in that we carry into everything we do. Whether working with a client, supporting each other, hosting workshops or events, or creating marketing material – we keep the privilege of servers at the core. 


We recognise the inherent potential within each individual. Empowerment is about providing the tools, resources, and encouragement needed for personal and professional growth. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to reach their full potential. When working with clients, we strive to inspire them through our authenticity, honesty and lived experience. Empowering others this way empowers us to step into our potential.


Knowledge is a powerful catalyst for change. We are committed to continuous learning and growth, both individually and collectively. We are committed to sharing our learnings through educational initiatives, providing our services and in marketing (social media content) material. By empowering our community with knowledge, we can inspire them to navigate challenges, continually grow and provide opportunities for personal and collective expansion.

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Our Path


After 11 years of planning, praying and hoping Kirsten stepped full time into this work under the business name Amla One.


Continuing to trade as Amala One, Kirsten grew the following and community through influencer marketing.


Inspired by the online growth due to Covid the business was renamed The Light Path Collective. The Moon Membership was launched. 


The Light Path Collective’s first practitioners joined and The Light Path Podcast was launched. Reiki teaching commenced as well as in-person events.


The Light Path Collective went under a major rebranding and website redesign and the brand was relaunched to the community. Online courses and teaching events were held.

the dream Team

service ~ empowerment ~ education

This is our team. We love the bread and butter of business - but we love each other more. 

It is imperative that each member of the team fosters, supports, helps and cheers each other on. As part of the team it is an expectation that you foster this vibe through your interactions and collaborations. Getting to know each other's offerings is important. Feel free to reach out to swap services (with no obligation to say yes) and cross referrals are the norm when appropriate and helpful for the client.   


how working here works 


Payment Policy

Bookings Outside of Website Bookings

You Need to know

As an independent contractor:

- The money earned from The Light Path Collective is paid in Australian Dollars; the exchange rate at the time of payment transfer applies.

- The Light Path Collective does not pay tax or GST on your behalf; you are responsible for this based on your earings

~ You are also responsible for managing your own superannuation contributions.


You are responsible for managing your own calendar, setting your hours and blocking off any time needed. There are no set hours or availability expectations from The Light Path Collective.

However, the more you are available to our community, the more opportunity they have to work with you. 


Each practitioner is responsible for their own insurance cover and costs associated with insurance. 

It is always preferable to ask clients to book through the website. Where  this is not possible or reasonable, follow these steps:

~ Block out the booking time in your calendar

~ Take payment for the booking

~ Notify Kirsten ASAP of booking *

~ The Light Path Collective 20% will be accounted for on your next notice of payment

*notifying Kirsten (The Light Path Collective) of any bookings made this way is set upon an honest basis. Even if the client becomes a regular of yours and reaches out to you via your correspondence channels, they fall under this agreement if they were initially filtered through The Light Path Collective. If you are unsure of where a client has come to you from, you must ask and honour this agreement if required. Failure to do any of the above will result in your immediate dismissal from The Light Path Collective.  

The Light Path Collective Fees

The Light Path Collective fee for the services provided will be 20% of the total amount you earn unless otherwise advised by  Kirsten. The fee will never be greater than 20%. You are responsible for choosing how much your services cost.

Below, you can see where that 20% goes.


The light path collective is responsible for

(this is what your 20% covers)

~ all website costings

~ all website set-up and maintenance 

~ yearly cost of email addresses

~ yearly cost of website domain, hosting and plans

~ cost of social media scheduling platform

~ social media scheduling and management

~ cost of Canva pro access and branding graphics

~ client booking transaction fees

~ set up online events on the website

~ occasional content creation for the promotion of practitioners and services

~ provide platforms for sharing and promotion (via Facebook group and podcast)

~ providing practitioner support through business mentoring and strategic planning

making the most of it

We are a collective - when one of us thrives, we all do. Individually, we are all responsible for making the most of the impact you have and the role you play.

Simply, you'll get out of the collective what you're willing to put in.

There are no rules here, but there are suggestions and opportunities. The Light Path Collective is an excellent way of expanding your reach and serving a community looking for what you offer. For our part, The Light Path Collective won't chase you for your interactions or initiatives, but we are all ears to hear about them. The Light Path Collective will make the final call on anything suggested or any content offered (with the collective taking into account the planning and strategy of the whole rather than the individual).

Here is where we will live our values of SERVICE, EMPOWERMENT, and EDUCATION - with all that you create and offer and the amount of contribution you make. 

Get a snapshot of our audience and how they are currently behaving to help make the most of these opportunities.


Events Process Flow


Minimum 6
Weeks Lead

Events and Promotions application Form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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